Caroline shola Arewa

The Energy Doctor

Coach, Speaker, Author, Trainer

Tonya Melendez

Intuitive Executive Coach

Rafaella Smith-Fiallo

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Sabia Wade

CEO, Coach, Author, Educator, Doula

Zee Clarke

Author of Black People Breathe, DEI consultant, mindfulness & breathwork expert for BIPOC communities

Dr. Charmeka newton

Psychologist, Speaker, Trainer, and Author

Sonja Herbert

Pilates Instructor, mentor, antiracism educator, writer, author, founder, activist

michelle hord

Media Executive, Consultant and Author. Founder of non profit Gabrielle's Wings, Inc.

Kiaundra Jackson

Licensed Therapist, Award-Winning Speaker, Bestselling Author, Media Personality

Kimberly Brazwell

CEO and Founder of KiMISTRY

Jevon Bolden

Founder and CEO, Embolden Media Group

Michelle Johnson

Educator, Facilitator, Space Holder, Creator of Rituals and Ceremony

Jenny Block

Writer, Author, and Speaker

Marita Golden


Dr. Gail Parker

Author, Psychologist, Yoga Therapist Educator


Licensed Psychotherapist, Speaker, and Best-Selling Author

Kena Hodges

Transformation Coach

Dr. Janeé Steele

Licensed Professional Counselor

Lyvonne Briggs

Author, Speaker, and Creator

Dr. Annice E. Fisher

CEO & Founder of Developing Capacity Coaching

This online summit doesn’t cost anything, but it will equip you with skills and strategies that will teach you….

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This event begins on April 12th!

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In this series we’ll be having real and raw conversations - so that you get the necessary wisdom it takes to experience incredible orgasms, get in touch with your body, and release the shame that holds people back in life.


Michaela Boehm

Intimacy & Relationship Expert

Devi Ward Erickson

Certified Tantric Healer

Olivia Bryant

Self-Worth Coach & Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Alexandra Pope

Co-director of Red School, Menstruality Teacher, Facilitator & Coach

Marina Nabao

Somatic Trauma Healer and Sacred Eroticism Teacher

Darshana Avila

Erotic Wholeness Guide

Tamica Wilder

Self-Worth Coach & Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Anastasia Frank

Self-Love & Relationship Coach

Maz George

Connection Coach and Creative Galvaniser

Catherine Hale

Nervous System Coach & Educator

Mina Aidoo

Somatic Soul Guide

Nicola Foster

Relationship & Intimacy Therapist and Coach

Sarah Rose Bright

Love, Sex & Intimacy Coach

Amy Weissfeld

Somatic Sex Educator & Coach

Mangala Holland

Female Pleasure & Orgasm Coach

This interview series is unlike any other because we’re not only talking about things that are often only talked about behind closed doors, but giving you practical solutions and tools so that you can:

Release shame and love your body.
Discover how to be more embodied and awaken new pathways to pleasure.
Awaken your desires and orgasmic potential.
Learn how to cultivate more satisfying intimacy.
Understand the gifts of perimenopause, menopause and times of transition.
Learn about trauma resolution.
Discover your inner wisdom and power.

And so much more!

This event begins on April 12th!

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This event begins on January 29th!

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